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Giving Back with Fig Garden Optometry

Since January 2011, Fig Garden Optometry has participated in a “Giving Back” program. When you are a patient at Fig Garden Optometry and you allow us the privilege of producing your new eyewear, we donate – on your behalf – to the worldwide charity known as Optometry Giving Sight.

When you come in to have your new eyewear personally delivered and fitted, you will be handed a “poker chip” for each pair of new glasses. When you leave, there will be a crystal vase on the counter – when you “drop” the chip in the vase, it represents an eye examination and a pair of glasses to someone in need from another part of the world.

At the end of the month, we count the poker chips (along with some cash which our generous patients “add” to the total) and send in the appropriate donation. Since this program began, over 9,000 individuals have been given the “gift of sight” because of YOU – our patients! We think that is pretty cool!